R.E.S.T. Services

Find REST through Life Coaching.  Call NOW and make Today the best day of the REST of your LIfe!

4 Steps To R.E.S.T.

In this introductory session, you will be guided through my 4 step process to release stress, to embrace God’s truths, to stop and ponder His ways and to trust life’s journey.


Christ Centered Relaxation

This session is designed to refresh you and to increase your focus.  The relaxation techniques you perform will improve your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Restful Journaling

In this session, you will come away more aware of how to reconnect with God and replenish what’s missing in your life.  Destress with restful journaling!


Dance For Your Life

Enjoy a Word, Warm-up & Worship and Wind-down! In this session, you will experience the joy of movement through light and gentle dance movements along with music.  Increase your overall well-being and come away feeling revived and renewed.  Your life will thank you!

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Visit danceforyourlife.org for more information.;

Nutritional Truths

Life’s stressors have an impact on what we eat.  You will reach your nutritional goals when you know the truth about nutrition and the foods that combact stress.


Dancing Mindfulness

In this music-based session, you will move through the 7 elements of dancing mindfulness, which allows you to be present and free to be you! Become mindful and aware of who you are and whose you are!